Belfast councillor criticised following "grossly offensive" tweet 3 years ago

Belfast councillor criticised following "grossly offensive" tweet

It's not the first time Jolene Bunting has made headlines...

A Belfast councillor is receiving criticism follow a tweet she sent on Thursday afternoon.


Independent councillor Jolene Bunting posted the photo on social media depicting two frogs, one wearing a union jack and the other wearing the tricolour. The frog in the Irish flag has tears in its eyes, is holding a pint of Guinness while wearing a hat saying: "Please be patient I have famine."

Along with the picture, the councillor wrote: "C’mon Paddy, EU can leave too."

The tweet has been branded as "grossly offensive" by Alliance Party Leader Naomi Long.

The frog in the picture, known as "Pepe", originally started as an internet meme but in recent years has been adopted by the alt-right as a popular meme associated with white supremacy and neo-Nazi values.

It's not the first time Bunting has been in hot water over comments she made on social media.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, on the day after St Patrick's Day in 2011, Bunting said on Facebook: "I'm so sick of the poor Catholic b******* they make me sick.

"I wish they would just go down to Ireland and then they can fly their flags and change the street signs down there.


"It's about time they realised that there are six counties attached to their beloved Ireland that belongs to Britain and always will!"

In another post in 2012, she also encouraged people to complain to Asda because the St Patrick's Day cards they were selling had "a big f****** tri colour on them."