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09th Oct 2016

Bill Clinton responds to a heckler that called him a rapist at a campaign event

Carl Kinsella

Donald Trump’s chat about sexual indiscretions have pretty much made up the entire news cycle of the last day or two.

But some of his supporters have been very quick to point out that his opponent Hillary Clinton’s husband does not have the cleanest record on that front either.

While it’s hard to say that Bill’s extra-marital affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky are directly related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to be president, Donald Trump certainly sees them as fair game. Rumours that Bill Clinton raped a nurse by the name of Juanita Broaddrick have also been in the ether since 1999 – put forth by Broaddrick herself.

It is those accusations that a heckler appeared to reference when he shouted “You’re a rapist!” at Bill Clinton while he spoke in Milwaukee.

Bill Clinton seemed largely unfazed by the accusation, saying “Oh yeah?” before mocking Trump’s own comments amount women uncovered in the past week by saying “You gotta feel sorry for them, they had a bad day yesterday so they’re trying to make it up, give him a hand.”

“This is what is the matter with politics. When other people pour poison down your throat, don’t drink it.”

Just yesterday evening, at the end of a disastrous day in which many Republicans said they wouldn’t vote for their own party’s nominee, Trump retweeted the accusations of Juanita Broaddrick, suggesting he may go after Hillary on the topic at tonight’s debate.

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