Children aged 5-11 to be offered Covid vaccine in January 1 year ago

Children aged 5-11 to be offered Covid vaccine in January

All ages will be eligible for a booster by mid January.

The Government has announced that children aged 5-11 will be eligible for a Covid vaccine this January.


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly announced the news on Thursday (23 December).

“I am delighted to announce this acceleration of Ireland’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme," Donnelly said.

"As we face into a challenging period, it is important that all groups have the opportunity to be vaccinated with a booster to offer protection to as many people as possible."

The Government announced earlier today that those aged over 30 and 16-29 year olds who received a Janssen dose would be eligible for a booster dose from Wednesday, 29 December, onwards.


Boosters and primary doses will be made available for 5-29 year olds from 10 January.

5-11 year olds who either have a health condition that puts them at risk of severe illness due to Covid or who live with someone at high risk will be offered a vaccine from 3 January.

The portal to book an appointment for 5-11 year olds will open on Tuesday, 28 December.

“For most children COVID-19 is a mild illness which will resolve," Donnelly said.


"However, a small minority of children will have more serious disease, and some may experience long-term consequences of COVID-19 infection, including for example long COVID.

“As pointed out by NIAC, the potential benefits of vaccination are most obvious for children with underlying conditions, and this is way we are prioritising vaccination for them.

"COVID-19 has had a significant, negative impact on the lives of all of us, particularly the educational and social lives of our children.

"The necessary public health measures have disrupted the various developmental opportunities that our children engage in with their peers.


"All of these factors have informed this decision to accelerate Ireland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme.

“Vaccination offers an extra level of protection for all of us, and I would encourage parents to engage with the trusted health advice available on, and with your own family clinician if you have any concerns about bringing your child for this vaccine.

"I would also encourage you to discuss this update to our vaccination programme with your child and ensure that they are aware that vaccination will soon be available to them.”