Government revises booster policy for those who received Janssen vaccine 1 year ago

Government revises booster policy for those who received Janssen vaccine

The booster will also be available for the over 30's next week.

The Government has announced that people who received the Janssen vaccine will be eligible for a booster from next Wednesday onwards (29 December).


The announcement was made on Thursday evening by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

"Further acceleration of our booster vaccination programme," he said.


"For those aged 30-39 and those who received Janssen (ages 16-29) boosters will be available from NEXT WEDNESDAY.

"All remaining age groups will be opened up by the 10th of January. A super national effort.

"Further details will be soon be made available by the Department of Health and the HSE.

"Thanks to all those involved who are making such an enormous contribution," he concluded.


The news comes as the HSE breaks records for the most vaccines given in one day.

108,000 vaccines were administered on Tuesday (21 December), with 103,000 of those being boosters.

A health expert had called for Janssen receivers to be made eligible for the booster as soon as possible during the week.

"That is the group that requires boosters to give them some protection against infection," said Professor Paul Moynagh, the director of the Kathleen Lonsdale Institute for Human Health research at Maynooth University.


In a tweet earlier on today (23 December), Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced that nearly half of all adults in the country had received either a booster or a third dose.

"Almost half (49.9%) of the adult population have now received a booster or third dose," Martin said.

"That’s 37.4% of the total population.


"Great work by staff and volunteers in our vaccine centres, GPs and pharmacists," he added.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that it could be the case that countries will require tourists to show proof of a booster vaccine to enter the country.

"It's very likely that in order to travel in spring and summer, you'll need to have the new Digital Covid Cert which is the evidence that you've been boosted, that you've had the third dose," Varadkar said.

"So, if people are planning or looking ahead towards overseas travel within the European Union in spring or summer, you need to get this third dose."

Those looking to book an appointment for a vaccine can do so via the HSE website.