Irish people "making it easy" for burglars at Christmas, according to a new study 10 months ago

Irish people "making it easy" for burglars at Christmas, according to a new study

Might need to get creative with those hiding places...

Irish home owners are being warned to be more imaginative when it comes to hiding Christmas presents and related valuables.

A new AA Home Insurance study found that over a quarter of Irish people hide their Christmas presents in a wardrobe, while 22% opt for the attic.

However, the AA warns that those popular spots could prove quite problematic in the event of a break-in as burglars often target those areas first.

“Hiding your presents in obvious places makes it easier for a burglar to make off with the best loot,” warns Arwen Foley, Spokesperson for AA Home Insurance.

"The best way to prevent a burglary is to make sure you take every precaution possible in the first place. Before I leave the house, I think of the AA’s home safety check list – ANGEL.”

That check list is as follows:

A – Make sure your ALARM is functioning and turn it on before you leave.

N – Tell a NEIGHBOUR, if you’re leaving for a long period, so they can keep an eye on your home.

G – GLASS; check that all your windows are closed and locked before you leave.

E – EXITS; make sure all your external doors are locked.

L – Leave some LIGHTS on so that it looks like someone is home.

The study of over 2,500 people conducted in November and December also found that 18% were planning on hiding their Christmas presents in a friend or family member's house.

“While this may be a good plan if you’re trying to keep them from snooping children, the problem may occur on Christmas Eve when you collect the presents," notes Foley.

"You can’t bring them into the house until the children are asleep but leaving them in the car is a very bad idea.

"An opportunistic burglar could smash the window and grab the gifts or if you happen to leave the car unlocked they could make off with everything in a mater of seconds."

The breakdown of hiding places, detailed by those surveyed, can be seen below.

Wardrobe: (26.6%)

Attic: (22.1%)

Under a bed: (7.5%)

Under the stairs: (2.5%)

Elsewhere in the house (18.5%)

In the garage: (3.9%)

In a car boot: (4.4%)

At a friend or family member's house: (12%)

In work: (6.7%)

Other: (5.3%)