Clothing store selling €85 costume inspired by viral Bernie Sanders meme 2 years ago

Clothing store selling €85 costume inspired by viral Bernie Sanders meme

Yes, the face mask is included - however, the chair is not.

A popular online store is selling an €85 costume inspired by the viral Bernie Sanders meme.


US clothing store, Dolls Kill is selling a 'Once Again Asking' costume set so you can channel your inner US politician this Halloween, if that's your thing of course.

The sub-section of the site, Trickz N' Treatz, described the costume as a way "for you to be a viral internet meme".

"This Bernie inspired costume comes with a grey coat, cozy mittens, and a face mask for a total insta-worthy moment," the description continues.

The costume comes complete with mittens, a mini-dress version of a grandad coat... and a plain blue face mask. However, you'll have to provide your own chair.


Bernie Sanders on Joe Biden's inauguration day has made waves across the internet earlier this year, sparking thousands of photoshopped memes on social media - including this pretty stellar one from Ryan Reynolds himself featuring Deadpool and the Vermont Senator.

The photo of the independent politician donning mittens and a cosy grandad coat has seen Sanders photoshopped into historical moments, movie scenes, famous paintings and more.

The meme was so popular that a handmade crocheted doll inspired by the viral inauguration meme even raised more than $40,000 for Meals on Wheels America when it was sold in an online auction earlier this year.

It's a solid idea - but we'd prefer to see some nods to the iconic Matt LeBlanc meme this Halloween instead.