Copper Face Jacks is up for sale 5 months ago

Copper Face Jacks is up for sale

If you know anyone that's a Coppers expert, they could be a great new owner.

It had a musical written about it. Bryan Cullen mentioned it in his speech when Dublin won the All-Ireland. There probably isn't a single student that hasn't been there. It has probably seen more jägerbombs being downed than Father Jack being let loose in the Jägermeister factory.

It's an institution that has seen shifting, messing, endless stories, forgotten coats, and nights out.

Yes, it's now up for sale.

Copper Face Jacks is now on the market and if you've got a reported €40 million to spare, it could be yours.

Hell, you probably know someone that spent that much in the venue alone!

Alongside the adjacent Jackson Court Hotel, the Irish Times have reported that Coppers went on the market on Thursday for sale by private treaty.

“The opportunity to acquire both the iconic ‘Coppers’ and the substantial Jackson Court Hotel is one of those projects that come to market once in a generation,” Mr Curtin said.

Since opening in 1996, the property has undergone extensive renovations and it continues to be one of the most popular locations for clubbers in Dublin.

While we wish any new owners the very best of luck, we reckon that someone with an expert knowledge of the place could prove to be valuable for new regime. Know anyone that spent loads of time in Coppers?

Now is their time to shine!