The counties with the lowest driving test pass rates have been revealed 1 year ago

The counties with the lowest driving test pass rates have been revealed

Not great news for motorists looking to get their licence in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is the county with the lowest driving test pass rate in Ireland, according to Chill Inurance.


The insurance agency conducted the analysis as more learner drivers than ever before in the country are applying to take their tests following the Covid pandemic.

Based on 2020 data from the Road Safety Authority (RSA), Chill determined the 10 worst counties for passing your test, with the Marble County taking the top spot.

Kilkenny had a pass rate of just 39.55%, beating out Dublin and Carlow in the second and third spots with 45.82% and 49.40% respectively.

You can see the list of the 10 counties with the lowest pass rates below:

  1. Kilkenny - 39.55% local pass rate
  2. Dublin - 45.82% local pass rate
  3. Carlow - 49.40% local pass rate
  4. Louth - 49.60% local pass rate
  5. Wicklow - 50.90% local pass rate
  6. Waterford - 52.20% local pass rate
  7. Westmeath - 52.30% local pass rate
  8. Offaly - 52.30% local pass rate
  9. Meath - 52.60% local pass rate
  10. Sligo - 52.70% local pass rate

Also using RSA records, Chill determined which weeks in 2021 had the highest and lowest pass rates.

The luckiest week for learner drivers was between 3 - 9 January when there was a 61.50% pass rate, while the unluckiest was 19 - 25 September when only 50.50% passed.

Last week, meanwhile, it was announced that Ukrainians fleeing the war can now exchange their Ukrainian driving licence for an Irish driving licence.


Transport Minister Eamon Ryan signed an order on 22 April allowing Ukrainians temporarily resident in Ireland because of the ongoing conflict to drive their cars in the country so long as they make the driving licence switch.

The new licence will be valid for 12 months and will apply to cars only.