Department of Foreign Affairs release important travel information for anyone holidaying in Portugal 5 years ago

Department of Foreign Affairs release important travel information for anyone holidaying in Portugal

A blazing wildfire has spread throughout the Algarve.

Following the active wildfire that has developed in the Algarve region of Portugal, the Irish Embassy in Lisbon have said that "if any further evacuations are considered by police, they will notify hotels and businesses accordingly".


For any Irish people that are holidaying in the country, Civil Protection Services can be reached from Portugal via the following number: 800 246 246, or from outside Portugal on: +351 214 247 247.

At present, the Portuguese Civil Protection Agency have said that almost 1,300 firefighters were assigned to battle the blaze that has already forced 2,500 people to evacuate their homes.

Elsewhere, the Department of Foreign Affairs have said that anyone that's travelling to the region is "strongly advised to avoid areas where fires are burning, as the situation can deteriorate quickly and unnecessary visits can impede the work of emergency crews. Furthermore, take particular care to avoid starting a fire during hot and dry local conditions".

The main places to avoid are the Monchique and Silves areas and that "those in other localities nearby should remain alert to local advice, and be prepared to react quickly, particularly if there are changes in wind direction".


The statement adds: "If any further evacuations are considered necessary by police, they will notify hotels and businesses accordingly. If you are in the area and not staying in a hotel, enquire with local community or at local businesses such as cafes where information is exchanged. Do not remain isolated. Let someone know where you are and what your plans are in case the situation deteriorates. If you have not already done so, please register your details online with the Embassy here."

"Civil Protection Services may be contacted from Portugal on 800 246 246 or, from outside Portugal, on +351 214 247 247  Latest Civil Protection alerts can be viewed with some information in English which can be viewed here. This generally has a link to "active events", with fires shown with a flame icon. Red icons indicate ongoing fires, orange relates to fires burning but under control and green to resolved events. We are aware that this service is experiencing some interruption at present due to heavy demand."


It adds: "Information on any blocked roads is available from the GNR (police). The number from inside Portugal is 808 201 855. In addition to police and civil protection, useful local information is available in English from "Safe Communities Portugal"

More information can be found here.