Dog's Trust issue warning to dog owners ahead of Easter Sunday 4 years ago

Dog's Trust issue warning to dog owners ahead of Easter Sunday

Dog owners take note.

As we're sure you're aware, Easter is here, and that can mean only one thing - there's going to be loads of chocolate lying around your house.


And although we're confident in your ability to put the delicious treats away, you should be careful about leaving them unattended, especially if you're a dog owner.

A warning has been issued by charity Dog's Trust, in an attempt to highlight the potential tragic consequences of feeding your dog chocolate intended for human consumption.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Surgeon, Desré Daly went into further detail, saying:

"While chocolate is a sweet treat that humans can enjoy, it is something dogs should never have. It is the theobromine, a substance found in chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs.


"An individual dog’s sensitivity to chocolate is variable and depending on their body weight (and the type of chocolate ingested), even just a small bite of chocolate can make some dogs very sick, and in significant enough quantities, death could result.

"When a dog eats chocolate, the theobromine metabolizes more slowly than it does in humans. Theobromine interferes with the normal functioning of the central nervous system, heart and kidneys. Without appropriate and timely treatment, this could lead to death."

More information about the subject can be found on the official Dog's Trust website here.