Donald Trump's 'voter fraud' hotline inundated with calls of people just laughing 7 months ago

Donald Trump's 'voter fraud' hotline inundated with calls of people just laughing

Hundreds of people have called the helpline mocking the president's defeat in the US election.

A phone line set up by Donald Trump's administration with the aim of receiving evidence of voter fraud in the American presidential election has found itself inundated with pranks calls mocking the president.


Trump continues to push allegations of voter fraud in the election after his defeat to Joe Biden, despite absolutely no evidence suggesting that any took place. With his victory, Biden broke the record for the most votes ever received by a presidential election candidate.

Unwilling to accept the result of a democratic election, Trump has had his team set up the hotline in the hope that they will receive some - any - proof that illegal voting actually took place.

What they appear not to have bargained for is the fact that people are instead calling up the line to simply mock the president for his failure to secure a second term, and then hang up again.

According to ABC News, the calls seem to have come from TikTok users, who are calling and laughing at Trump before getting off the line.

Despite Trump and his team's insistence that the election is not yet over, prominent Republicans who for years have grovelled at his feet are distancing themselves from the president.

Late last week, Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader who has been a key ally of Trump during his first and only term as president, referred to his claims of "illegal votes" as "dangerous" and "not factual".