Drug warning issued after twice as strong MDMA discovered at Electric Picnic 1 year ago

Drug warning issued after twice as strong MDMA discovered at Electric Picnic

The HSE lab at the event identified a pill as "high strength MDMA".

The HSE has issued a drug warning from Electric Picnic over a pill that was found to be twice as strong MDMA.


Announced recently, the health service has teamed up with the festival taking place in Laois this weekend in order to carry out real-time, anonymous testing of illegal drugs at the event.

The plan is to provide up-to-date information regarding the safety and strength of drugs that may be in circulation.

The drugs in question can be dropped off at "surrender bins" and are not returned for use.

On Friday evening, the HSE issued its first drug warning via Twitter, which reads:


"Mybrand purple skull identified as high strength MDMA at the HSE drug monitoring lab at Electric Picnic, which is a cause for concern.

"Contents are approximately two times the average adult dose.

"Please exercise caution and remember it's safer not to use drugs at all.

"Chat with HSE harm reduction teams onsite for more information. Don't be afraid to get medical help".


The HSE also shared an image of the pill which can be viewed below.

In a follow-up post, the HSE warned that "higher strength equals high risk" and said it is important for people to follow harm reduction advice if they choose to use MDMA.


"Start low, go slow and leave at least two hours before considering to take more," it recommended.

For more MDMA harm reduction information, visit the HSE's Drugs.ie website here.