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19th Dec 2020

DSPCA urges people to ‘adopt not shop’ this Christmas

Rudi Kinsella

dspca christmas

The DSPCA has also said that Covid has been a “double-edged sword” for the organisation.

The DSPCA has urged people to adopt and not shop, if they are buying pets this Christmastime.

There has been a “huge” increase in people buying dogs, according to Gillian Bird of the DSPCA, but people are being urged not to rush into any decisions this winter.

She said: “DSPCA are once again reminding people to go to their local rescue centres to adopt a pet.

“This year, especially with the huge surge in people buying dogs it is important that people do not rush out to buy any pets as there are always animals looking for loving homes.

“You may have to wait a while to find your perfect pet but you will get pre adoption advice and post adoption support from the DSPCA.

Covid-19 has resulted in what Bird described as waves of “Covid puppies” across the country, which she said she was happy to see.

However, she is also worried that this may result in an increase in dogs being brought to the DSPCA in the future, though she hopes this does not happen.

More information can be found here.

Recently, Gardaí shared bits of advice for dog owners to ensure their pets are kept as safe as possible.

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