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02nd Feb 2021

Dubai closes pubs and bars following spike in Covid-19 cases

Rudi Kinsella

dubai covid

Bad news, influencers.

Dubai has closed all of its bars and pubs for the entire month of February due to a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The move comes after Dubai’s extravagant (by today’s standards) New Year’s Eve celebrations, which drew visitors from around the world, including Ireland and the UK.

While bars and pubs must close entirely, restaurants and cafes are allowed to remain open until 1am.

Crowd limits have been put in place in cinemas, hotels, shopping centres and other destinations.

Just one week ago, Dubai’s officials stated that they could “confidently say the current situation is under control”.

Since the beginning of January, Covid-19 cases in Dubai have been increasing, with the city recently experiencing 17 straight days of record reported daily coronavirus figures.

Dubai has been in the news quite regularly recently, largely due to the wave of influencers who have travelled there as the Covid-19 pandemic worsened in their own countries.

One influencer in particular claimed her trip to Dubai was “essential work”.

In Ireland, new measures have been introduced which will see those who are caught attempting to travel to a port or an airport to leave Ireland without a reasonable excuse face fines of €500.

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