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26th Jan 2021

Holly Willoughby criticises influencer for travelling to Dubai during pandemic

Rudi Kinsella

Holly Willoughby influencers

This comes after the influencer in question deemed her work in Dubai “essential”.

Holly Willoughby has strongly criticised influencer Sheridan Mordew in an interview on This Morning.

Mordew travelled to Dubai at the start of January, as her region (Sunderland) was subject to Tier 4 restrictions that banned all but essential travel.

In the interview on This Morning, Mordew claimed that her trip to Dubai is “essential”, as she is motivating people via her Instagram stories.

“My job is to motivate people… I’m providing free workouts on my Instagram.”

Phillip Schofield said: “You say you’re doing it in an apartment. A lot of the fitness stuff could be from a garage in Bolton, you don’t have to be in Dubai.”

When questioned by both Schofield and Willoughby, Mordew said that “in a world where you can be anything, be kind. A lot of people forget about that.”

Willoughby replied by saying that “kindness” had very little to do with the matter, saying: “When we see how stretched the NHS is, and those nurses that are working really hard, and all they’re saying is ‘Please stay home. Do the right thing, stay home’.

“Are you being kind to them by encouraging others to travel for what you deem as essential work?”

A number of Irish influencers have also travelled abroad since Christmas, sparking criticism online.

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