Dublin airport warns passengers of sold-out car park 6 months ago

Dublin airport warns passengers of sold-out car park

Not ideal.

The DAA has warned passengers that all car parking spaces in the airport are sold out for the coming days as the summer holiday season starts to ramp up.


People travelling have been urged to use alternative transport if they can, including taxis and buses, as all short-term and long-term parking spaces are unavailable.

There will be space for pick-ups however, so passengers can get lifts to and from the airport, however those looking for more long-term spaces will be left disappointed.

Passenger volumes have surpassed 95,000 in recent days, showing that the summer season is starting to reach its peak already.


“All car parks at Dublin Airport are sold out and expected to be full over the coming days, so passengers without an existing booking are advised to consider alternative options for getting to and from the airport,” said DAA spokesman Graeme McQueen.

“This [situation] is increasing the pressure on our own car parks, with passenger numbers now back at pre-Covid levels. With demand for our car parks expected to remain high through the summer months, passengers are advised to book their parking as far in advance as possible.”

Passenger numbers travelling through the airport have returned to pre-covid levels. However the number of parking spaces is still reduced by 20% due to the closure of 6,200 Quick Park spaces which are now out of action.


Mr. McQueen said that they are looking to purchase the carpark to alleviate pressures on parking. "That car park is sitting idle at the moment. While that's not on the market to consumers it's putting a real squeeze on our own car park so we are keen to see that carpark being re-opened as soon as possible.

"We've made an offer to buy that car park, that offer has been accepted but the competition authorities are taking a look at that to make sure they're happy with the deal so we'd be hopeful that we can get that car park back into action as soon as possible.

"We would love that to happen in time for summer but that's looking unlikely at the moment."

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