Dublin Airport sets new record for its busiest year yet 4 years ago

Dublin Airport sets new record for its busiest year yet

We love a good holiday.

It may not necessarily be peak holiday season at this moment in time, but that doesn't mean we don't have one on our minds. Realistically, there's nothing we love more than a good "pint and passport" picture in the airport before a flight.


Irish people are constantly looking forward to their next trip abroad, whether it's next month or next year.

And in case you think that's not true, it certainly was in 2018.

Dublin Airport boasted its busiest ever year, playing host to over 31.5 million passengers in 2018.

Passenger numbers were up 6%, as the equivalent of more than five times the population of the island of Ireland used the airport last year.


An additional 1.9 million passengers were welcomed at the airport during 2018 from the previous year.

Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison spoke about the airport's impressive growth, saying:

"Dublin Airport enjoyed its eighth consecutive year of passenger growth in 2018 and I’d like to thank the travelling public, our airline customers, our staff and the staff of all the other companies at the airport for helping to generate yet another record year.

"Dublin Airport is a key economic engine for Ireland and last year’s traffic growth helped deliver a record year for Irish tourism, bringing additional jobs and tourism spending throughout the island."


All we know is that this has us in the mood to book ourselves a flight.