Dublin Airport issues public apology following lengthy security delays 3 months ago

Dublin Airport issues public apology following lengthy security delays

"We deeply regret that our valued customers had this experience."

Following somewhat chaotic scenes at Dublin Airport over the weekend, a formal apology has been issued to passengers.


On Sunday, footage emerged on social media, depicting lengthy queues for security screenings.

A number of people subsequently reported missing their respective flights as a result.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) noted that delays are likely to remain a fixture in the coming weeks, while passengers have been advised to arrive long in advance for their flights.


On Monday evening (28 March), the DAA issued a new statement, apologising for the disruption.

"DAA would like to apologise for the lengthy delays experienced by passengers at Dublin Airport in recent days," the statement begins.

"We are sorry for the stress and inconvenience caused, particularly to those who missed a flight as a result.


"We deeply regret that our valued customers had this experience."

The DAA notes it is taking "immediate action" to address the problems, while citing a number of operational issues associated with the resumption of international travel amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

One such highlighted issue is the recruitment, training and mandatory background checks required for all new staff working at the airport.

"These processes take several weeks and are happening at the backdrop of growing passenger numbers at Dublin Airport," the statement continues.


"These factors, and others, including Covid-related absence, are having an impact on the length of time it is taking passengers to get through security, particularly at busy times, such as this weekend past."

The DAA adds that such peak-hour queues are unlikely to calm down in the immediate future, though airport staff are "doing all that we can" to ensure that security operations are functioning at the highest possible level.

"We encourage anyone travelling through Dublin Airport in the coming days and weeks to be prepared for things to take longer," notes a spokesperson.

"We advise all passengers to be at the airport a minimum of two hours before boarding a short-haul flight and three hours before boarding a long-haul flight.

"Again, we apologise to all passengers for the current issues and express appreciation for their understanding as we seek to correct them."