"Significant improvements in passenger experience" at Dublin Airport in June 11 months ago

"Significant improvements in passenger experience" at Dublin Airport in June

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Dublin Airport has been in the news quite a bit so far throughout 2022, and not always for the best reasons.


Last week – and this week, so far at least – saw a fresh spate of air travel-based chaos in the form of numerous cancellations as a result of "systemic pressures" such as Covid outbreaks amongst airline staff and industrial strike action.

As for Dublin Airport itself? Things are seemingly functioning just fine and then some, according to new data released by the Dublin Airport Authority (daa).

Daa cites "significant improvements in the passenger experience" at security at the airport throughout the month of June, asserting that plans in place to manage the operation over the continuing summer months are "achieving their desired result".

Over 420,000 passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport since last Friday (1 July), with an estimated 50,000 – 56,000 people departing each day. The vast majority, according to the daa, are passing through security in less than 45 minutes.


Over 2.6 million passengers were facilitated by the airport in June, while security staffing levels are now said to be approaching the equivalent figure of three years ago. Daa has also pointed to improvements in overall cleanliness and hygiene, passenger assistance, and specific airline responsibility.

"By comparison with the more drastic measures and impacts reported by peer airports internationally, our current plans are proving effective, and we have increasing confidence, that other than Covid risks, we are now in a much more robust position to manage peak summer traffic over the coming weeks," said a Dublin Airport Authority spokesperson.

Daa notes it is "working around the clock" to ensure that the correct procedures and resourcing levels are in place to sustain current and forthcoming activity at the airport.

As for the mooted contingency plan to bring in the Defence Forces, should an emergency situation demand it? This scenario "remains prudent", according to the daa.


"The contingency involves the training of Defence Forces personnel for duties at the Vehicle Control Posts at Dublin Airport, only if they are needed," notes the spokesperson.

"While they will be on standby, deployment of Defence Forces personnel would only be triggered if ultimately required due to a Covid-19 outbreak."

Featured Image via Sam Boal / RollingNews.ie