A number of Dublin apartment buildings issued with fire safety notices 6 years ago

A number of Dublin apartment buildings issued with fire safety notices

The news comes as the Grenfell Tower death toll reaches 79.

Seven Dublin apartment buildings have been issued with fire safety notices this year, according to reports.


The Irish Daily Mail has revealed that the notices have been issued this year and remain active on the buildings which are deemed to be potentially dangerous.

The warnings come to light following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in London, where 79 people lost their lives and many others remain in hospital with serious injuries.

It's understood that the Dublin Fire Brigade issued the warnings to the Dublin apartments this year after marking them as "potentially dangerous".

Different reasons for fire safety notices being issued include failure to install smoke alarms, to far more serious breaches.


Dublin Fire Brigade has an ongoing campaign of inspection to check buildings of public resort for compliance with the Ease of Escape Regulations. These inspections can occur at any time during normal operating hours of public premises.

In Ireland, under the Fire Services Act, 1981 a fire authority may serve on the owner or occupier of any building which appears to the authority to be a potentially dangerous building a fire safety notice for various reasons. You can read more about them here.