€2.4 million Lotto win in Convoy, Donegal 6 months ago

€2.4 million Lotto win in Convoy, Donegal

And no, we're not jealous at all.

A small village in Donegal is celebrating today after the National Lottery confirmed the winning store which sold last Saturday’s Lotto jackpot winning ticket, worth €2,482,715.


The winning Normal Play ticket was sold at Harris’ service station in Convoy village, which has a population of just over 1,500 people.

The Donegal player who scooped the €2.4 million Lotto jackpot on Saturday night has made contact and arrangements are now being made for their prize to be paid.

Like we said, not jealous. Not one bit.

Owner of the winning store, Evelyn Harris was absolutely chuffed when she heard the news, saying: "This is huge for the village of Convoy and I know that we’re going to be talking about this Lotto win for many years to come.

"Any of our customers will tell you that I am absolutely stone mad but I have been promising them that I would deliver a Lotto win to the town and it’s finally happened.

"Every time I sell a Lotto ticket to one of my customers, I wish them an extra little bit of luck and some of them even tell me that they’ll bring me on holidays if they won the jackpot! Who knows, I might have to pack my suitcases in the next few days if it is a local winner..."