Earth's climate reached a horrible milestone this month 3 years ago

Earth's climate reached a horrible milestone this month

The world has crossed an unfortunate threshold this month as it seems certain that the planet will continue to produce atmospheric carbon at a rate of 400 parts per million on a permanent basis.

September is typically the time of year that sees the lowest levels of atmospheric carbon, as the planet can usually count on sufficient plant growth to absorb much of the carbon - but plant life in 2016 was not enough to suck up pollution and clean the atmosphere.

Levels of atmospheric carbon have not dropped below the 400ppm mark throughout the year, and it is unlikely that humanity will reverse this trend and start to produce carbon at a rate below 400ppm in the future.

Since the outset of the industrial revolution, the earth's temperature has increased by almost two degrees Celsius.

The threshold for a 'safe' level of atmospheric carbon is 350ppm - something that the world will not likely achieve at any time in the near future.