Thunderstorms and heavy rain to end Ireland's current heatwave 1 year ago

Thunderstorms and heavy rain to end Ireland's current heatwave

There are even warnings of localised flooding in the coming days.

Well, we definitely can't complain about not having a summer this year.


Friday signalled the hottest August day in Ireland since records began, which followed on from a July which featured the second-hottest day in recorded history.

The current wave of heat will power through Saturday, with temperatures once again to get as high as 31 degrees, and will remain in place for parts of the country on Sunday, with temperatures still set to break the 30 degree mark.

But it is at the end of the weekend that it will all start to take a turn.

As Met Éireann predicts for Sunday afternoon:


"Cloud will bubble up through the middle of the day, sparking off scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon, which could produce some very heavy downpours and localised flooding."

Monday and Tuesday will see temperatures drop to closer the average for August in Ireland, between 18 and 24 degrees, but both days will also have scattered showers, potentially quite heavy in places.

Beyond that, Met Éireann says it will be "feeling much fresher for the rest of the coming week with temperatures generally in the high teens or low twenties. Low pressure will bring further showers at times."

So if you've found this current heatwave to be a bit intolerable, then good news ahead.


But if you've been enjoying the glorious heat, you'd best make the most of it while you still can!