Record for hottest August day in Ireland ever has now been broken 1 year ago

Record for hottest August day in Ireland ever has now been broken

The previous recorded highest August temperature in Ireland was in 1995.

Earlier this week, we reported that the hottest day in August in Ireland for almost two decades had been recorded, when the temperature reached 29.2 in places.


Today (Friday 12 August), that record has been smashed, and indeed all temperature records in Ireland for the month of August since records began.

The folks at Irish Observational Climatology, who provide Ireland's meteorological and climatological data and analysis, took to social media today to announce the following:

"Oak Park, Co Carlow has now reached 31.7°C (11.8°C above its 1981-2010 Long-Term Average). Provisionally beating the all-time August max temp record for Ireland, which was 31.5°C, set at both Ballybrittas, Co Laois in 1975 and Oak Park in 1995."


Earlier on Friday, Met Éireann extended their nationwide Status Yellow high temperature warning to 6am on Monday morning, stating the following:

"Very warm or hot on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with maximum temperatures generally of 27 to 30 degrees and locally higher. Warm overnight with minimum temperatures generally around 15 degrees in many areas. Temperatures may not be as high in coastal areas due to sea breezes, particularly in the northwest."

People are told to keep an eye out for heat stress, especially for the more vulnerable of the population, the high solar UV index, and a risk of water related incidents, such as shock from jumping in cold water.