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27th Feb 2024

Here’s why Enoch Burke is still getting paid while he remains in prison

Simon Kelly

Enoch Burke salary

Mr Burke remains in prison after once again refusing to comply with a court order.

It has been revealed that Enoch Burke is still getting paid by the school that sacked him, while the former teacher remains in prison.

Mr Burke remains in Mountjoy, after his most recent refusal to comply with a High Court ruling to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School in Co Westmeath.

The teacher was brought to court on Tuesday, February 27, to have his case reviewed by Mr Justice Mark Sanfey.

Here’s why Enoch Burke is still getting paid while he remains in prison

Mr Burke, who has been in Mountjoy for over 275 days, once again refused the opportunity to leave prison with his family, saying this morning that complying with the order would be “evil”.

The court revealed that Mr Burke’s salary continues to be paid and he has not paid any of the fines imposed on him by the High Court last year.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Education Minister Norma Foley was asked why the teacher’s salary was still being paid despite him being imprisoned.

In response, the minister said: “In the first instance, just to give context and to say the school is the employer there,” Ms Foley said.

“It is the school that must make the decision around administrative leave, which they have done.

“Indeed the school must make a decision around the payment of the salary and a request around payment of salary to the department.

“I must also say that in terms of the school, they have particular obligations also from a legal point of view in terms of the care of an employee.”

The Minister added: “There was a disciplinary case being taken. It is my understanding that there was an injunction there in relation to that. That had to go through its necessary steps.

“But it is my understanding also that the Appeals Board, which is independent of the department, is seeking to put in place a date now that the injunction has been resolved.”

During proceedings in Tuesday, the judge addressed Mr Burke saying: “You are being paid your full salary. All you are being asked by the court is to obey its order.

“You cut down greatly my room for manoeuvre if you refuse to do so.”

The judge added that another hearing would be set for the last day of this legal term, March 22.

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