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24th Feb 2024

Kneecap ignore RTÉ ‘impartiality’ to show support for Palestine on Late Late Show

Ryan Price

The Northern-Irish rap trio appeared on the show last night wearing clothing that showed support for Palestine and called on the people of the country to “attend rallies and protest.”

Kneecap performed their most recent single ‘Better Way To Live’, featuring Grian Chatten from Fontaines DC, before joining host Patrick Kiely for a chat.

While Kielty distanced both himself and the national broadcaster from the statements, group member Mo Chara declared that the group wanted to “use their platform to highlight the genocide that’s happening in Palestine at the moment.”

Kneecap band member wears Palestine football jersey

Another of the group’s members Móglaí Bap, wore a watermelon pendant which has become a recognised pro-Palestine accessory due its similarity in colour to the Palestinian flag.

The third member, DJ Provai, removed his jacket during the interview to reveal a Palestine football jersey.

The controversy comes just a week after the broadcaster asked a group of performers on the show to refrain from wearing any clothing or accessories that appeared to show support to the Palestinian resistance

The Irish Women in Harmony group performed a tribute to Sinead O’Connor and a group member revealed that, prior to the performance, she was asked to change out of a t-shirt which featured the word Gaza and a love heart, while others were asked to remove badges expressing support for Palestinians.

RTÉ said last week that contributors are asked not to wear clothing related to “one particular point of view” as part of its impartiality guidelines.

While on last night’s show, Kneecap also gave details about their new biopic which premiered at Sundance Film Festival last month.

The film stars Michael Fassbender and was the first ever Irish language film to feature at the iconic film festival.

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