Mainland Europe continues to be pummelled by snow and storms 2 years ago

Mainland Europe continues to be pummelled by snow and storms

Important info for anyone heading there this week.

Over the weekend, there were reports of an "arctic blizzard" hitting mainland Europe, which would result in some parts hitting their coldest temperatures in about 120 years.


This extreme weather resulted in numerous deaths, including three people who died in Greece (via local news outlet Novinite), while two more have died as a result of avalanches in Germany and Austria (via Associated Press).

There are numerous air, road and rail delays and cancellations across the continent, while Accuweather are predicting that a "potent storm" will bring damaging winds to Germany and some neighbouring countries later this week.

As per the forecast:

"Accompanying the wind will be periods of rain throughout the region. This will reduce visibility for drivers and may make for slower commutes in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dresden.

"In southern Germany, [we] expect enough cold air to be in place for snow to mix with the rain. Locations from Stuttgart to Munich could experience a period of blizzard-like conditions due to the combination of snow and strong winds.

"In the Alps, more snow is expected on top of the heavy snow that fell late last week and over the weekend. Additional snow from Tuesday into Wednesday could reach 60 cm (2 feet) in the higher terrain."

Additionally, the storm "may become a named windstorm as it whips up potentially damaging wind gusts across Belgium, the Netherlands and northern Germany".


For anyone travelling to any of those regions in the next few days, be sure to check with your airline that flights have not been delayed or cancelled before heading to the airport.

Main image via Accuweather