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27th Oct 2021

Clashes between protestors and private security as tenants removed from Dublin property

Hugh Carr

eviction stoneybatter protest

A large number of people gathered to protest the evictions.

Protestors and private security clashed over the occupants’ rights due to an eviction at a building in Stoneybatter on Thursday.

The building on Prussia Street in Stoneybatter has been occupied by squatters since September of this year, according to ThatSocialCentre.

The group said the space had not been in use for some time, and has been host to workshops, cafes, and concerts in the past number of weeks.

On Wednesday morning, the Twitter account for the Community Action Tenants Union branch for Fairview, Marino, and Clontarf drew attention to the eviction.

Photos, videos, and eyewitness reports have been shared regularly throughout the day, with CATU alleging to have seen  bricks thrown at a tenants and multiple ladders launched to try and reach a tenant on the roof of the building.

In a video posted to the @ThatSocialCentre Instagram account, security can be seen attempting to reach a protestor on the roof. The protestor is seen wielding a chair while other protestors push ladders off balance to prevent other security members from ascending the roof.

Gardaí were on the scene, with protestors and onlookers sharing further images on social media. Further demonstrations at the property are planned for Thursday evening, and a Paypal link has been launched to support squatters affected by the eviction.

Podcaster and comedian Blindboy Boatclub has announced his support for the occupants and CATU as a body, asking his followers to “Please Consider Joining CATU. It’s a tenants union.

“An opportunity to Create people power in the face of landlordism, vulture funds and the state backed violence that we’re seeing here. This isn’t right”, he added.

In a statement to JOE, Gardaí said they had attended a property on Prussia Street Dublin on Thursday, “where a property owner, in compliance with a court order, was securing a premises and facilitating access to persons to remove personal items.

“A group of people gathered at the scene, some of whom commenced to engage in purported protest activity.

“A traffic management operation was put in place and the road was closed temporarily for public safety. The matter has since concluded and the road has fully reopened to traffic.

“No arrests were made at the scene and there was no reports of any injuries, however An Garda Síochána will carry out further investigations into certain activities arising from the incident.”

Main image via That Social Centre

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