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30th Apr 2024

The 2 Johnnies left speechless over Croagh Patrick romp story

Simon Kelly

Croagh Patrick - Two Johnnies

“That’s a busy mountain.”

Popular Irish podcast hosts The 2 Johnnies were left speechless after a listener submitted a story into the show about his peculiar habit of getting down to business in odd locations.

The hosts were taking submissions from their listeners about the strangest places they’ve done the deed and were astounded by one Galway man, whose entry included none other than the Holy mountain itself – Croagh Patrick.

“Johnny Smacks” McMahon and “Johnny B” O’Brien read out the submission from Tony in Galway, who wrote: “My entry for sex in weird places is the top of Croagh Patrick, the mountain in County Mayo.

“Just down a bit from the church, there’s a bit of a public toilet near the top. It was out behind that.

“I don’t think Saint Patrick himself built that public toilet, but if he did, he put all his effort into the church on top.”

The 2 Johnnies left speechless over Croagh Patrick romp story

The hosts were astonished by the admission, with Johnnie B replying, “that’s a busy mountain, there’s always tourists up there!”

He continued, “You’re trying to… operate and there’s a couple of Americans there on their bare feet doing the pilgrimage.”

Commenters were also shocked by the Galway man’s penchant for sky-high shenanigans, with one saying: “I’m not going to look at that mountain the same again.

Another said: “Christ almighty in that toilet?”

Pilgrims on their way up to the top of Croagh Patrick (Getty Images)

Every year, thousands of hikers climb Croagh Patrick, which is Ireland’s fourth highest peak.

The annual pilgrimage on Reek Sunday, during the final week in July, sees between 15,000 and 30,000 making their way up the 4km route to the summit.

This week a brand new pathway from the bottom of Croagh Patrick to the top was opened, following the completion of a three-year long building project carried out by hand.

If ever there was a time to get up to the top of the mountain it’s now. However, we wouldn’t be advising using the toilet at the top for any extra-curricular activities.

Save that for when you get down to ground level.

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