370,000 households to receive fuel allowance payment 2 years ago

370,000 households to receive fuel allowance payment

The first payments will be issued this week.

As temperatures begin to drop, the first weekly fuel allowance payments for 2021/2022 are set to be issued this week as the new fuel season gets underway.


The means-assessed payment will be paid over a 28-week period to an estimated 370,000 households nationwide.

In line with an overall budget of €292 million, recipients will be paid a weekly rate of €28 or may avail of two lump sum payments of €392 each.

The first lump sum payment will be issued this week and the second will be issued during the first week of January in 2022.

The initial weekly payments will be issued alongside normal social welfare payments. Customers who received the allowance last year will be paid automatically, provided they are entitled to receive the payment.


“The fuel allowance plays a vital role in assisting tens of thousands of households with their heating costs over the winter months," said Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys on Monday morning.

Heather Humphreys

Image via Sam Boal / RollingNews.ie

"It acts as a financial aid for people living in low income households to help towards the cost of the likes of electricity and heating oil... I am conscious that heating costs are a concern for many and that households have seen their bills increase and return to 2019 levels."


Humphreys urged anyone newly eligible for the fuel allowance to submit an application immediately.

Anyone who wishes to apply must complete a fuel allowance application form (NFS1), which is available through the Department of Social Protection's Intreo centres, post offices or via the official website.

One fuel allowance is paid per household.