Gardai to crack down on road offences as part of a wider European initiative for road safety 3 years ago

Gardai to crack down on road offences as part of a wider European initiative for road safety

They're aiming for a day that's free of any deaths on Irish roads.

Yet again, An Garda Síochána will be joining the RSA in supporting Project EDWARD which is taking place across Europe on Wednesday 19 September.


Devised in 2016 as #ProjectEDWARD by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL), the initiative once again aims to raise awareness of road safety and reduce the number of people killed on the roads of Europe.

The first Project EDWARD took place on 21 September 2016, and ran again on 21 September 2017. On both days, 43 road deaths were recorded across Europe, compared with a daily average of 70.

This year Project EDWARD will take place on Wednesday 19 September and it has the full support of 28 European countries.

Speaking about the initiative, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, has said: "2017 recorded the lowest number of road deaths in Ireland, however we may see an increase in 2018, judging by the number of recent collisions. We can never be complacent about road safety. That is why initiatives such as Project EDWARD are so important in keeping road safety in the minds of all road users. Concentrating 100% when using the road prevents collisions from happening”

Commissioner Harris adds: "Last year the Republic of Ireland recorded zero road deaths on Project EDWARD day. This year we are determined to do all we can again to record zero fatalities on project EDWARD day. We are joining with the PSNI in supporting Project EDWARD, this is an all island of Ireland effort so please do all you can to be safe on the roads."

"We appeal again to every road user to support this year’s Project EDWARD. Reduce speed, never drink or take drugs and drive, put away the mobile, belt up for every journey and make yourself visible. These are simple life saving tips. Be as safe as you can and should be, not just on Project EDWARD day, but every day.”