Gary Lineker's recent Twitter timeline will make you an even bigger fan of his 1 year ago

Gary Lineker's recent Twitter timeline will make you an even bigger fan of his

A fine insight into his humour, compassion and beliefs.

Gary Lineker's name has been in the headlines this week, and not much of it is to do with football.

At the beginning of the week the Match of the Day presenter didn't hold back in expressing his views about the ongoing refugee crisis with his Twitter followers.

After noticing something of a backlash from some sections of the public with regards to the UK allowing more refugees into Britain, he tweeted his concerns.

Many applauded Lineker for his humanitarian stance regarding one of the biggest human rights issues that the world is currently facing.


Of course, this being the Internet, he was also heckled, trolled, abused, insulted and threatened. You can read some of those vitriolic comments here, but we're not going to give them any more oxygen.

The most open critic of Lineker was The Sun, who accused the TV host of 'peddling a lie' on the issue, and on a recent front page, they called for the 55-year-old to be sacked for breaching BBC guidelines.

To Lineker's immense credit, in the days that have followed this front page,  he hasn't decided to hide, buckle or change his stance in the slightest. In fact, he has openly engaged with the haters and reaffirmed his stance on the refugee crisis.

Here's how Gary Lineker dealt with....

The immediate reaction after the tweet was sent.

People trying to defame his character by claiming that he once filed a super injunction.



Reaffirming his views.

Despite all this criticism, he kept his spirits up and maintained a sense of humour.


An acknowledgment that the majority of people are decent, caring and kind.


He still managed to take some time out of his busy schedule to feed the trolls.



And the best part....

Lineker has been nominated  for the Best Presenter accolade at the National Television Awards. Do you know who one of the sponsors are for this event? The Sun.

The campaign has already started for him to win the accolade, but the Match of The Day host has done his very best to quell this tide of support with a very self-deprecating comeback.

One thing's for sure, he would definitely get our vote.

"He just does not get injuries, it’s impossible to break him.”

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