Kiss Star Gene Simmons enters Northern Ireland power-sharing debate 5 months ago

Kiss Star Gene Simmons enters Northern Ireland power-sharing debate

"Democracy is our only hope", remarked the iconic musician.

Kiss star Gene Simmons has called for a return to power-sharing in Northern Ireland during a trip to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.


Attending the parliament as a guest of DUP politician Ian Paisley, Simmons said that the Stormont Assembly must be restored to look after needs of the people of Northern Ireland.

The government in the North collapsed almost 18 months ago as a result of the DUP's protestations against post-Brexit trade agreements.

Gene Simmons Northern Ireland Simmons has also previously visited Leinster House too. (Credit: Getty Images)

Since then, opposition party Sinn Féin secured a historic election victory, but have been unable to lead the Assembly due to the continuation of the DUP's boycott.

Speaking to BBC News following his visit to Westminster, the iconic musician said that he hoped "everything gets back in order in Northern Ireland and the people's business should be done by their elected officials".

Discussing how exactly he became a guest visitor of Mr. Paisley, the Kiss star recalled the band's difficulty in trying to land their private jet in UK.

In an attempt to get permission to land as they continue their 'End of the Road' tour, a member of the band's entourage got in touch with the DUP politician, who ultimately aided in resolving the issue.


"The MP called and asked for a favour and all of a sudden our private jet was the only one that was allowed to land near London, and so it was, we landed," Simmons stated.

"I had known about his father of course, legendary Ian senior and what he did for Ireland. I was grateful of course and went down to the House of Commons and met Ian and everybody", he added.

Gene Simmons Northern Ireland Ian Paisley MP hosted Simmons as a guest at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. (Credit: Getty Images)

Mr. Paisley himself also remarked on the unique visitation to the Houses of Parliament, describing Simmons as "a real knowledgeable guy".

"It's great to have him here, an honour to have guests here and it's great when they're passionate and interested and they can tell the world about the importance of this building and democracy and what it means for people here".

The Kiss star has previously visited Leinster House too, with the former school teacher holding a keen interest in both history and politics.

However, when questioned as to whether or not he would ever consider entering the political realm himself, Simmons quipped "they don't pay enough!"

"I can literally make more in one evening doing a concert than I can being a politician for the entire year, as shocking as that may sound".


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