George Hook: "It was wrong to suggest any blame could be attributed to victims.” 4 years ago

George Hook: "It was wrong to suggest any blame could be attributed to victims.”

It was business as usual for George Hook on Monday afternoon.

George Hook presented Newstalk's High Noon as usual on Monday, and opened with an apology for remarks he had made on the show regarding victims of rape on Friday.


"I wanted to start the programme with a profound apology," he said, before admitting it was wrong for him to suggest that the victim of an alleged rape in the United Kingdom bore any responsibility for what had happened to her. 

"I realise that those comments caused widespread hurt and offence - for this too I am truly sorry.

"I would particularly like to apologise to all victims of rape, the families, [and] the representatives of the organisation who work day and night to reduce the stigma around rape."

He added: "It was wrong of me to suggest that any blame could be attributed to those victims, or that they bear any responsibility in the crimes committed against them.

"By doing that, I played a part in perpetuating the stigma, and I unreservedly apologise for doing so.

"Everybody has the right to enjoy themselves without fear of being attacked - and as a society, we have a duty to our daughters and granddaughters to protect that right. On Friday I failed on that duty of care - a failure I deeply regret, and for which I am truly sorry."

JOE learned that, as Pat Kenny presented his morning show on the station, Hook was in talks with executives at Newstalk.


This followed the news that Dalata - the hotel group - had pulled their sponsorship of High Noon, the show presented by the former RTÉ rugby pundit.

With other advertisers reportedly also threatening to take their money elsewhere, there was speculation that Hook would either voluntarily leave his role, be suspended or even fired.

However, Hook took his place behind the microphone as usual at midday on Monday afternoon.

Response to his apology was varied. Some felt Hook struck the right note of contrition...


...while others felt that he was merely trying to save his own skin...