Global Covid-19 deaths pass half a million 3 months ago

Global Covid-19 deaths pass half a million

A rise in cases was reported across 36 states in America over the past week.

The number of people who have died in relation to Covid-19 has passed half a million worldwide.

This is according to John Hopkins University, where live tracking of the virus has been underway since earlier this year.

At the time of writing, there has been a reported 502, 589 deaths around the world in relation to the virus.

In the United States, where there are more cases than in any other country on the planet, there was a rise in cases reported across 36 states, with a number of states now having put a stop to their plans to further ease restrictions.

In Florida, officials recorded 9,585 new cases on Saturday, a single-day record since the start of the pandemic.

The next day, the state of Florida reported another 8,530 new cases.

Elsewhere, in China, around 400,000 people in Anxin county have been placed under lockdown measures after an increase in cases in the area.

Meanwhile, the UK announced on Monday that 25 more people had died in relation to Covid-19, taking its death toll to 43,575.

This comes amid speculation that Leicester in England could become the first city in the UK to go into a local lockdown, as a result of a spike in Covid-19 cases.