Good news: There’s a heatwave on the way soon. Bad news: The rest of the summer’s going to be a washout 7 years ago

Good news: There’s a heatwave on the way soon. Bad news: The rest of the summer’s going to be a washout

It was probably asking a lot for Ireland to be something of a tropical paradise two summers in a row in fairness.

One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from Irish people every summer is that they booked a foreign holiday during the one or two weeks when we happened to be enjoying a spell of fine weather in these parts. That was certainly true of the summer of 2013, one the best in a long number of years, but, alas, it looks as if things will return to normal this time around.


According to the Irish Mirror, we can expect a “colder and wetter” season from June to August, or at least that’s what the folks at Exacta Weather are predicting in their latest long-range forecast for the months ahead.

To prepare us for said colder and wetter season, however, the weather Gods will apparently be kind enough to grant us a heatwave, or at least an Irish heatwave, towards the end of this month, with temperatures set to hit the low-to mid-20s in “a significant period of exceptionally warm and settled weather” from the middle of this month to the start of June.

“As we progress throughout the remainder of May, a more notable period of widespread and sustained warmer weather conditions is likely to develop, in particular from the middle part of the month,” James Madden of Exacta Weather is quoted as saying in The Irish Mirror.

“There will be lengthy sunshine for many parts of Ireland throughout this period, with warmer than average temperatures.

"This is likely to be a significant period of exceptionally warm and settled weather, which is likely to continue in to the start of the meteorological summer, which is the start of June.

“Parts of South-West Ireland and the West Coast are likely to see temperatures ranging from the low to mid-20s for this period and these areas are likely to experience the sunniest weather too.”

Predicting Irish weather, even for qualified meteorologists, can often prove to be a pointless exercise but to be fair to Exacta Weather, they did anticipate the prolonged fine spell last summer but unfortunately can’t say the same for the months ahead.


“It will be a more near-average summer in terms of overall temperatures and overall rainfall amounts,” he added.