Government "acutely aware" of concerns of people who have booked foreign holidays 1 month ago

Government "acutely aware" of concerns of people who have booked foreign holidays

"We have to keep up the good work, or risk losing all the ground we have gained."

The government has said that it is "acutely aware" of people in Ireland who have holidays booked and have asked those people to "bear with us" as it prepares a roadmap for safe overseas travel.

In a daily briefing on Wednesday, Liz Canavan from the Department of An Taoiseach said that the issue of overseas travel is understandably causing uncertainty and worry and people who have holidays booked are wondering what action to take.

"We understand that the issue of foreign travel is causing a degree of uncertainty and worry – some people have holidays booked and are wondering what to do," Canavan said.

"We are acutely aware of this and we would ask you to bear with us. The situation is undoubtedly volatile from a disease point of view.

"The government have committed to preparing a roadmap for safe overseas travel and will finalise its considerations shortly."

Canavan's comments come after a number of recent Covid-19 cases confirmed in Ireland had been revealed to be as a result of foreign travel. This was also the case with a number of the earliest cases found in the country.

Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs currently advises against any non-essential overseas travel, a sentiment which has been shared by Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan.

On Monday, Holohan said: "Think about other people and the risk you might pose even if you recover very well, for people who are more vulnerable."

Similarly, Deputy CMO Ronan Glynn said: "The risk of imported cases remains high. It’s important that continue to avoid all unnecessary travel at this time."

CEO of Ryanair Eddie Wilson hit out at the public health advice in controversial interviews on morning radio on Wednesday, saying: "The only country that’s out of step is Ireland."

The full details of a lengthy briefing delivered by Canavan on Wednesday are available here.