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04th Jul 2024

‘Great white shark’ spotted swimming off Irish coast by fisherman

Simon Kelly

Great White Shark Galway

Swimmers beware.

A possible Great White Shark has been spotted off the Galway coast by some shocked fishermen today.

John McGloin, who filmed the video of the fearsome fish, was out at sea near Connemara in Galway with his friend Joao Rosa when they spotted the creature.

The apparent Great White swam around the pair’s boat for a few minutes before disappearing into the sea.

Speaking to Galway Beo, McGloin said, “Me and my friend were out fishing and one guy had a fish on when they spotted a fin coming their direction. He took out his phone straight away to try and record.”

‘Great white shark’ spotted swimming off Irish coast by fisherman

McGloin said that there was “no doubt” it was a Great White Shark and that it measured about 3 metres in length.

He added that it was circling quite close to the shore and that fins had been spotted in the Galway area in recent days, between Spiddal and the Aran Islands.

Despite Irish waters heating up, Great White Sharks tend to inhabit waters with warmer temperatures from 12 – 14 degrees.

However, some experts have suggested that the species may begin to track further north as the Atlantic Ocean heats up due to climate change.

In the summer of 2021, a large, known Great White named Nukimi was tracked leaving her usual feeding grounds to head towards Ireland.

Recent studies say that sightings of Great Whites, Makos and other large sharks could now become the norm off the coasts of Ireland and the UK.

Younger Great Whites are more likely to be found in coastal and estuary habitats, and adults usually live farther out at sea.

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