Belfast shipyard Harland and Wolff saved from closure 2 years ago

Belfast shipyard Harland and Wolff saved from closure

A UK firm has purchased the famous shipyard.

Harland and Wolff shipyard, known for constructing the RMS Titanic in 1912, has been saved from closure following its sale to a London-based energy firm.


BBC reports that InfraStrata has purchased Harland and Wolff for a total of £6 million.

The shipyard went in administration in August after the collapse of its Norwegian parent company, putting approximately 120 jobs at risk.

Over the past nine weeks, workers have occupied the shipyard with the support of trade unions.

The InfraStrata takeover will see the retention of 79 workers who did not accept voluntary redundancy, while there are plans to increase the number of workers by several hundred over the next five years.


"Harland and Wolff is a landmark asset and its reputation as one of the finest multi-purpose fabrication facilities in Europe is testament to its highly skilled team in Belfast," said InfraStrata CEO John Wood.

Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith hailed the "fantastic news", thanking UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others, for his support in the venture.