Here's how you can win Tesco Clubcard points worth €10,000 on Saturday 2 years ago

Here's how you can win Tesco Clubcard points worth €10,000 on Saturday

Brought to you by Tesco.

Cancel your plans for Saturday morning.


How would you like to win a whopping €10,000 worth of Tesco Clubcard points? Sorry for the stupid question - who wouldn't?

That’s a lot of shopping or points that you can spend on restaurants, activities and more with one of Tesco’s many partners. Tesco are holding their first annual Clubcard Day on Saturday, 7 July. They want it to be Ireland's most rewarding day of the year, with prizes, rewards and special offers up for grabs.

The 1 Million Points Drop will take place at 11am on Saturday and you’ll need to tune into JOE’s Facebook to take part. You’ll also need a Tesco Clubcard if you want to win.

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Here’s how to win.

At 11am, we’re going to post four digits on Facebook. If you have those four digits in any order in the last four numbers of your Tesco Clubcard, you could win the prize! The first person to click through the link on the post and fill out the form is the winner.

So what if no one matches the digits?


Well, after 10 minutes, we’ll post out another four digits on Facebook. And this time, you’ll win if you have those four digits in any order on the last eight numbers on your Clubcard. Again, the first person to meet those conditions and fill out the form will claim the million Clubcard points.

What if there still isn’t a winner?

Well, four more digits will be posted after 10 minutes. You have to match these four digits in any order to the last 12 numbers on your Clubcard. One lucky winner will walk away with enough Clubcard points to make 2018 a very good year indeed!

As well as the 1 Million Points Drop, “Scan it Lucky” prizes will be handed out in Tesco stores throughout the country on the day. So you can still be a winner even if you miss out on the big one.

Don’t miss out on Ireland’s most rewarding day! Make sure to visit a Tesco store with your Clubcard on Saturday, 7 July. If you don’t have one, you can join here (it only takes two minutes).


Brought to you by Tesco.