Here's how much house prices increased in your county in 2018 1 year ago

Here's how much house prices increased in your county in 2018

This will come as no surprise to anyone who's been navigating the housing market.

With almost 10,000 people homeless, Ireland is a country that is suffering through a major housing crisis. As for those who are looking to buy a house, prices have increased across the board in 2018 — in every single county.

End-of-year data published by

Generally, the highest increases came in the southwest of the country, with Clare and Limerick seeing increases of 11.4% each. Tipperary saw an overall average increase of 11.1% and house prices in Mayo went up by 10.4%.

However, the biggest increase came into County Laois (12%). The average house price is €177k.

House prices are lowest in Leitrim at €135k, but prices are climbing astronomically. Its 12% increase rate is joint-top with Co. Laois.

Average house prices are still highest in Dublin — clocking in at €380k — but the average increase was lowest in the capital, at just 2.6%. Wicklow comes in second with an average price of €334k. Prices there are increasing faster though, with a 6.4% rise in the past 12 months.

A graphic revealing the average price and average price increases in all counties can be viewed below.

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