Here's what the weather looks like for the weekend 7 years ago

Here's what the weather looks like for the weekend

Sun + Showers = Rainbows

It's last weekend in August and the seasonal change has been creeping up on us.


According to Met Eireann today is going to be sunny, unless you happen to be living in the northwest of the country because there's scattered showers being predicted.  The skies tonight aren't ideal for stargazing but with temperatures dropping to around 10 degrees, it might be cool enough to justify a little bonfire.

Saturday is a mixed bag, depending on where you are in the country. There's some weepy rain set for the south and west but it's going to be mostly bright in the east. A warm 17-20 degrees, means that the last weekend of August is still holding on to its summer dream.


Sunday might just be a beauty, warm spells and up to 21 degrees are expected, so here's hoping that it's a day for a swim in the sea and Jammy Dodgers in the park.

Rest assured there's still time for many a 99.