Ireland has experienced its highest temperatures today since 1976 2 years ago

Ireland has experienced its highest temperatures today since 1976

We're getting closer and closer to the all time record.

Back on 26 June 1887, Ireland had the highest ever recorded temperature, when parts of Kilkenny hit a practically Caribbean level of 33.3 degrees.


Today, almost 131 years to day, Ireland is in the midst of another massive heatwave, and while we haven't quite reached that record, Shannon Airport did hit 32 degrees this afternoon, making it the highest temperature in all of Ireland since 1976.

That is a massive two degrees up from what was recorded to be the highest temperature earlier today, when Mount Dillon in County Roscommon reached 30.1 degrees.

So that means there is a chance that the highest temperatures for the day have yet to be recorded and logged.

While many people are enjoying the out-of-the-ordinary heat, the rocketing temperatures has spurned on a nationwide weather warning which will be remaining in place until Friday night, while Irish Water have warned that the majority of the country is at risk of water restrictions due to a huge increase in demand.

And last but not least, don't forget to stay safe in the sun!

UPDATE: Met Eireann have clarified that it is actually the hottest JUNE temperatures since 1976: