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21st Feb 2020

How the Coronavirus spreads, what we know and threat to Ireland

Alan Loughnane

There’s still no vaccine for this newest coronavirus but we are learning more and more about it.

Around the world, novel coronavirus cases continue to spread and infect people in more countries.

Mankind has faced more lethal viruses in recent times but the full extent of this outbreak is yet to be discovered. In Iran, the death toll rose to four on Friday when there were no recorded cases from the country until this week so experts are still trying to ascertain as much information as possible as they work towards a breakthrough.

In Ireland, Dr Cillian De Gascun chairs an Expert Advisory Group tasked with providing advice on the coronavirus.

The Director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory broke down everything we need to know about the virus and everything else we wanted to know but have been too afraid to ask.

From its impact in Ireland, its death rate, its spread and other facts and possibilities, Dr De Gascun shed a bright light on the topic.

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