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20th Jun 2024

HSE warning issued over dangerous yellow pills linked to ‘cluster of overdoses’

Simon Kelly

HSE drug warning

Be careful out there.

The HSE have issued a red alert warning over batches of dangerous yellow pills linked to a ‘cluster of overdoses’ in Dublin, Galway and the Mid West.

A statement issued on June 20 reads: “A national red alert is in place due to yellow tablets with nitazene-type substances sold as benzodiazepines, linked to overdose clusters around Ireland. All services have been updated.

“We’re monitoring the situation with stakeholders. Access naloxone from local services or GP.”

HSE warning issued over dangerous yellow pills linked to ‘cluster of overdoses’

Known as D5s, the pills contain the synthetic drug nitazene, a very potent and dangerous opioid, linked to a number of overdoses around the country.

The opioid was originally found as powder sold as heroin but has now expanded to the fake sedative tablets.

Nitazene was responsible for 77 overdoses in Dublin and Cork late last year and, as heroin becomes more scarce this year, we could see a larger rise in the opioid to replace it.

The HSE has warned drug users to avoid taking these tablets, new batches of drugs, new types of drugs or obtaining drugs from new sources due to unknown risks.

Those at risk are also being urged to talk to to their local doctor about accessing naloxone, which temporarily reverses the effects of opiate-type drugs, keeping them alive until emergency services arrive, for free.

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