Hundreds of Irish students are signing up to a website to find a sugar daddy 8 years ago

Hundreds of Irish students are signing up to a website to find a sugar daddy

"Where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships."

Buying pasta in bulk, turning off the heating, bringing piles of washing home to your mother are all signs that you're a broke college student.


It's an unusual existence, but all of those things are necessary because money doesn't grow on trees.

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You know where you'll find loads of money? In the wallets and banks accounts of very rich people.

That's why over 200 female students at Queen’s University in Belfast have signed up to Seeking Arrangement, a website that helps you find a sugar daddy.


The young women who sign up are called "sugar babies," let that sink in, and the men on the site pay on average €6,600 (£5,000) for their company.

Here's a screengrab of the "sugar babies" on the site.


Here's a screengrab of the "sugar daddys" on the site.



The website has released its annual ranking of the fastest growing colleges of 2015, and Queen’s came in at number 10 in the UK.

According to the Irish Independent, the amount of users are up 49% sign-ups from last year.

We're not entirely sure what "company" means, but this is how they describe people who come to an "arrangement" on the site:


"An arrangement is where people are direct with one another and stop wasting time. It allows people to immediately define what they need and want in a relationship.

"Our profiles allow members to effortlessly state their expectations. This is what we like to call Relationships on Your Terms."

We're no Sherlock Holmes, but we think that means sex. There are surely better way to make money.