If you went on a J1 in the last few years, you could be owed as much as $800 2 years ago

If you went on a J1 in the last few years, you could be owed as much as $800

A lot of people have yet to claim their tax refund...

Travelling on a J1 to America is part of the student experience in Ireland and if you haven't gone on one, at least 19 of your friends who've taken the plunge.

If you went on a J1 in the last four years, you could be entitled to claim your tax back for the time you worked in the US.

It's estimated that around half of the 30,000 people who went on a J1 since 2014 have not applied for their tax refund in the US.

In the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Donald Trump eliminated the personal exemption for tax years 2018 through 2025, and this will prevent students in future years from claiming the refund. It also means that if you went on a J1 in 2014, the deadline to claim said refund is 17 April.

As a J1 student in the US, they are considered a non-resident for tax purposes. As a non-resident, they typically only pay tax on income from US sources. Exactly how much will depend on earning and location.

Eileen Devereux, Commercial Director Taxback.com said: "For most students, claiming tax owed from working abroad is not the first thing on their to-do list when they return home.

"Anecdotal evidence suggests that a sizeable portion, probably about somewhere around 50% or more, of  students fail to reclaim their taxback - which typically amounts to about $800."

It could be worth looking into, you can take a look at a guide on how to apply here.