The average daily rate of a hotel room in Ireland has been revealed 2 years ago

The average daily rate of a hotel room in Ireland has been revealed

Rates have increased across the board in 12 months.

The average daily rate of a room in Ireland in April 2017 was €122.60, an increase of almost 8% on last year's records for the same period, according to data from hotel market data experts, STR, as reported in the Irish Times.

Irish hotels recorded occupancy rates of 81.6% in April of this year, a 4% jump from April 2016. Dublin hotels have remained unchanged a year on, with an occupancy rate of 86%.

Dublin hotels, much like the occupancy rates, recorded a slightly lower percentage increase than the rest of the country combined for the daily rate of a room.

The increase of 5.5% in Dublin is a smaller percentage increase than the combined total nationally but rooms in the capital are more expensive, coming in at an average of €129.04.

STR's last report before they completed the April comparison investigation was conducted on Paddy's Day of this year and as you can see by the average daily rate on March 17, that is a lot of pints...

The data also found that the revenue per available room (RevPAR), or room revenue divided by rooms available, had increased by almost 12% compared to the same period a year earlier.

The RevPAR was €100.10 for the whole of Ireland in April 2017, which breaks the triple figure mark, compared to last year's total of around €88.