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01st Aug 2015

Irish man gets big settlement after breaking tooth on rasher

Who knew bacon could be so dangerous?

Alan Loughnane

It seems he bit off more than he could chew… *JOE gets coat and runs away*

A man who broke his tooth after he ate a rasher from a restaurant in Swords in Dublin has been awarded €4,250 by the Swords District Court.

Shane McQuillan decided that a rasher and sausage sandwich was the best way to ease his rumbling belly when he visited More and Food Ltd near Dublin Airport.

But unfortunately for the 32-year-old, the bacon in question had a vicious sting in its tail, in the form of a crispy rasher rind which damaged one of his rear molars.

According to the Irish Independent, he told barrister Pat Purcell BL, when he took a second bite from the sandwich he felt something hard “like a brick” break his tooth.

He now suffers from occasional pain in his tooth and is unable to drink cold drinks due to its sensitivity.

Judge Patricia McNamara initially awarded €6,500 in general damages and €2,500 in special damages, but as McQuillan should have seen the danger in biting the “hard like a brick” rasher.

Therefore for contributory negligence, she halved the sum and ordered the defendant pay his legal costs.

Bacon can be a dangerous meat if its not treated with respect, you’ve been warned readers…

Hat-tip to the Irish Independent.