Irish schools will now make uniforms for transgender pupils 7 years ago

Irish schools will now make uniforms for transgender pupils

Some changes being made in Ireland.

The Department of Education are seeking to introduce new guidelines to provide uniforms and toilet facilities for transgender students.


Community and Social Support Minister Kevin Humphreys and Minister Education Jan O'Sullivan chaired and hosted a meeting yesterday to ‘ensure transgender children are treated the very same way as other students.’

The department is focusing on how to integrate transgender students into single-sex schools, which can now be practiced from the age of 16.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, the Minister for Education said:

“The policies, practices and climate in schools can support and nurture young transgender students so that they do not feel isolated and alone.

“There are many areas that require discussion on this matter such as bullying, uniform issues, entry into or continuation in a single-sex school.”


Teacher unions and LGBT groups also attended the meeting.

Ireland has an estimated 1% transgender population, which in a secondary school of 600 pupils translates to 6 students.